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Nanny Culture

The Documentary

This last year we have been very busy indeed. Silvie has been on a fact-finding jaunt to the Middle East to investigate just what it takes mentally, physically and culturally to work in the United Arab Emirates. She was also executive consultant in the making of this documentary as well as landing a co starring role.

Nanny Culture is due for general release in the second quarter of 2017. The story revolves around an Emirati family who temporarily hire the services of a British nanny to help them organise their children’s daily activities and study schedules. The documentary demonstrates how other nationalities see Emirati culture and to what extent they interact and coexist with each other in harmony.

The film also discloses aspects of inter-cultural coexistence within a limited space. It displays the nanny’s background, the goals of an Emirati family and the benefits of employing a nanny. The documentary is a replication of the social state of affairs and the type of life led by a British nanny working for an Emirati family.


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Pre: Release October 14, 2016 | General Release: May 2017 | Director: Paul James Driscoll | Writer: Alyazia Bint Nahyan (producer), Alyazia Bint Nahyan (story)

Company: Anasy Media | Genre: Documentary | CERT PG Runtime 80 minutes

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