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Our information panel contains lots of useful information if your a live in or live out nanny, parent, maternity nurse, governess and other people within the childcare industry. If you live or work in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, RAK, or Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, then some of our friends have some great sites and activities relating to parenting and childcare development, employment and training, family activities and interests. From fun activities to educational information please click on any link in the panel to go to what we think is a useful web site for more information and plan something new to do with your family today.  If you are in London in the UK - Click Here

Little World is a place like no other in Abu Dhabi.

Little World is a place for little ones, like no other in Abu Dhabi. Combining children’s entertainment and education through experiential play-based learning experiences...

Little World is a place like no other in Abu Dhabi. For the first time, we introduce to you a venue where children’s entertainment meets education. Through experiential play-based learning experiences, we offer parents a place to watch their children have fun, feeling good that they are also learning. When children come to Little World, they have fun doing what they do best—playing, creating, designing, building and role-playing. Educators know that they are actually experimenting, discovering, engineering, challenging themselves and extending their learning through investigations. Bring your child aged 0-3 with a caregiver or check-in your child age 4 and above to learn and play while you shop, watch a movie or enjoy a coffee with your friends. Little World offers something for everyone, especially for those who prioritize their child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development.

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Outward Bound Courses in UAE | Outdoor Education Programs

Students on an Outward Bound course are expected to work hard and closely as a team. They will learn new skills such as how to communicate effectively, how to set goals and how to work for the benefit of the group. LEADERSHIP – PIONEER – CHALLENGE

Confidence - Whatever your age an Outward Bound course will help you to become more confident, more effective and more capable at school, college or the workplace. Inspirational - All of our courses take place in beautiful, natural locations a world away from modern distractions and the daily routine and are designed to inspire and motivate. New Skills - We help individuals of all ages learn new skills and attain a renewed sense of achievement, confidence and purpose that will help them overcome any obstacle in the future.

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