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From dispensing love and warmth to applying discipline, understanding the needs of the child you care for is of the utmost importance. This includes comforting them, respecting their feelings, and most importantly love and care whilst their parents are absent.

Not only that, a nanny has to have the ability to mould themselves into the family's environment. We encourage all candidates to learn a bit about their new work background and culĂșture, we have found that this helps develop a comfortable and happy relationship between the nanny and the employers, the common goal is to work as a team to maximise children's development helping them reach their full potential.

Constantly searching for the best?

Because Niche Nannies is run by nanny professionals with a wealth of previous experience, we believe that we fully understand the needs and wants of our clients and understand the best ways of fulfilling the high expectations of this role and the actual route to becoming a more successful Nanny!

A nanny's first priority should always be the care, well being and happiness of the child. Nannies work within the guidelines established by the parents, to help foster growth and personal development in the child.

The partnership established between the parents and nanny help encourage a sense of security in the child, and allow for normal emotional development. Many nannies are also willing to do household duties, i.e. laundry and light housework.

The nanny should be focused on completing tasks related to the child, including up keep of children's rooms, entertaining them, disciplining them, and caring for them. But, it is important to remember that the first priority should always be in the care of the children.

Each family has different rules and philosophies, just as children have different personalities and needs. That is why it is crucial that you take the time to communicate, so all parties understand what is expected. The formation of a work agreement will help leave no room for misinterpretation and ample room for a successful harmonious working relationship.

For guidance purposes a sample employment contract can be found on the information panel.

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Childcarer Types

The Definitions

Live Out Nanny.

A live out nanny will normally have sole charge of your children and works between 10-12 hours per day with two days off per week as well as four weeks paid holiday plus Bank Holidays. Babysitting and extra hours should be by prior arrangement between the employer and the employee. If the role is shared charge, the nanny will work alongside you, these families tend to have very young children. [ More about salaries ] The majority of clients request sole charge live out nanny.

Live In Nanny

A live in nanny will live with the family they are working for, in addition to their salary they are provided with food and accommodation. A live in nanny works between 10-12 hours per day, five days per week. Many families also require one or two babysittings per week which is included in their salary. A live in nanny should be provided with her own bedroom and ideally a bathroom. When she is off duty she may wish to spend long periods of time in the private accommodation provided, therefore she should be made to feel comfortable. Some families offer separate accommodation in order to attract a higher calibre of nanny. Most live in nanny candidates are happy to travel nationally and internationally with the family.

Overseas Nanny

As well as British and English speaking nannies, some of our first class candidates do speak other languages. Niche Nannies Nanny Agency have candidates on our books who are, British or English speaking, many with English as the mother tongue, as well as international, bilingual and trilingual nannies.  We place these nannies and governesses all over the world. If you require a nanny or governess who speaks your language, we can help find you a suited candidate where ever you are located.


A Governess will generally care for school aged children 5 years and over, however they are qualified for children of any age. A Governess typically lives out and is in charge of educating the children, sometimes there will be elements of home schooling. A governess may also take care of children after school until you return home. The usual working hours are between 3-6 per day, as the day is much shorter compared to a full day nanny and they are will handle help with home and school work.

Part Time Nanny

A Part Time Nanny will work with parents returning to work on part time basis or combining home childcare with a nursery placement for few days per week. Part time nannies are highly popular. They usually work two, three or four days per week. A part time nanny can also be employed for the mornings or afternoons; for example 5 days per week and do not live generally with the family. They tend to study or choose to work less over the years of nannying, or they simply take a variety of few part time positions on selective days. Part time nannies may be happy to travel with the family if required in which case additional rates may apply.

Travel / Holiday Nanny

Taking a travel Nanny with you on holiday can allow you as parents huge flexibility in activities you and your children can do, and we get many request for temporary Mary Poppins's from out clients looking to take Nannies on vacation with the family. A travel nanny will often work 24/6 or 24/7 for the duration of the stay depending on the actual placement requirements. She may work alone but more often than not will work in tandem with the families main nanny to ensure the parents can enjoy their break and that the children have a stimulating and memorable adventure whilst on holiday. Of course she will have to perfectly suited at what she does, as all the Nannies that represent Niche Nannies are.

Maternity Nanny or Nurse

A Maternity nanny or nurse will help you after your new born baby comes home, helping in the first few weeks or sometimes months of a baby's life.  Maternity nannies / nurses often work on a 24 hours a day basis, 5 or 6 days a week, and live-in with the family. A Maternity nurse / nanny will normally stay until the mother is confident with the new baby. We find that on average they are employed for a period of between 4 and 8 weeks, although some may require a maternity nurse / nanny stay for less time or a longer period.

Montessori Nanny

The Montessori trained nanny will employ an approach towards childrens education that inspires children to have a life long love of learning, by following their natural developmental milestones. It is widely recognised that children exposed to this method become more confident, more responsible, able to learn independently, and will have more trust in their own abilities.  This tends to make them highly attached to ongoing learning and gaining of knowledge.

Norland Nanny

The Norland College was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, since then it has formally been training Norland Nannies, there are a finite number of new graduates each year, for this reason they are normally in great demand and may also command higher salaries. At Niche Nannies, we do register Norland candidates who are newly qualified as well as the more experienced Norland Nanny.


A Nanny/PA can be ideal for a family with children who are attending school, perhaps the parents are self employed or work from home. The main role of a Nanny/PA will be to provide homework support and educational guidance to the children, with a caring and nurturing home environment while the parents are otherwise engaged.  A Nanny/PA will also be expected to combine her childcare duties with an administrative role, possibly helping their employer manage a busy household.

Is this position perfect for you?

If you are registered as a childcarer with Niche Nannies and you find a vacancy on our website that you wish to be considered for, then simply message us the vacancy ID number along with your full name and a brief explaination as to why you think you will fit this role. We will then be in a position to submit your application to the family in order to get their feedback.

Registration is requirement to apply for any placement position on our website. It is always essential we have digital copies of all your information including, CV, qualification and training certification, employer references as well as your up to date DBS check document, and ID such as a passport or driving licence. If you are OFSTED registered then we will also need a copy of your registration certificate. Once our vetting process is complete, we will then contact you to further discuss your potential placement at which point you may ask any more questions you have, don't forget your question may already be answered on our FAQ page. [ Goto FAQ Page]

In the event that you are responding to a classified ad for a position that you see on our website and you are not registered with us, please note that you will still be required to forward all the relevant documentation to us for vetting and verification purposes.

At Niche Nannies we aim to make the process of connecting you to next role as seamless as possible for you, from first contact, interviewing and being placed as a Niche Nanny.