Are you an qualified nanny who has experience and awareness of the differences between different cultures and work practices?

We are searching for Nanny, Governess, Teacher / Tutor and Maternity Nurse / Maternity Nanny candidates for overseas, international and UK placements who have already proven and demonstrated their childcare abilities and confidence in a childcare setting.

We are on the look out for bilingual or trilingual qualified nannies, British and European nannies, western English speaking nannies, mannies or European Union Nannies.

Niche Nannies Nanny Agency

Exceptional Nannies are in great demand in the UK, Europe, The middle east and all around the world, as many dynamic, growing, vip and high profile families are not just looking for a child carer to look after their children.  They are also often looking to introduce and expose them to people from other countries and cultures or who speak another language. Some specificly want a fluent english speaker or other global language.

Working as an overseas Nanny abroad can be a very fulfilling and growth building experience, opening you up a new world of thinking and opportunity. Have you ever considered working in another country?

Apart from being confident in yourself and your professionalism, you may have become something of a diplomat, understanding, willing to learn how to approach working in different cultures. If you think that this could be you, here are some benefits for you to think about:

  • Your travel is paid: Airline plane tickets can be expensive! Working overseas will mean that your employer will usually cover flights from your home country as well as either providing you accommodation or an allowance for somewhere to live whilst working for the family. This means your overheads and costs can be lower than they are at home.
  • You can meet new friends: In your free time you can explore your new surroundings in the city you live in.  Places that, because you have relocated to work, are now nearby, so spending a few days or a weekend somewhere new is possible.  In most towns and cities there are nanny networks or clubs that meet on a regular basis where you can meet up and chat, meet new friends and people. A simple social media search using sites such as Facebook or joining a Facebook group like Niche Nannies Facebook Group in your location, can help you find people, friends, other child carers, maybe even other 'Niche Nannies' in or close to your new work place.
  • Increase your horizons by experiencing a new culture: Just as your family is exposing their children to a new culture by employing you, being in a different country can mean ample time for you to experience a different culture.  Working within a family abroad you can now see how different cultures operate.  You can try traditional foods, listen to local music, and just embrace, enjoy and take in a new way of life.  Even in a different mainly English speaking country, you will soon notice that things are different, people are different, your life will be different.
  • You can learn a new language: Most English language speakers don’t think about learning new languages as English is probabaly one of the most used languages in the world. Also its difficult to learn a new language at home as it is not so easy to get the practice you need to develop. Working abroad means you can immerse yourself into a new dialect, culture and learn the local language a lot more easily as there are more opportunities and people to practice with.
  • The money is often much better: Working abroad almost always means earning more money! If you compare your salary to UK salaries, you will normally find that the wages are much higher and the overall living expenses are much less. Especially if you choose to work in places such as the Middle East and Russia, then you could easily be earning more than double what you earn in the UK, and your outgoing expenses can be reduced by a huge amount!

We will only select nanny , governess or maternity nurse candidates who are found to be honest, reliable, experienced, caring nannies and other childcare staff. All nannies are professionally screened including identity verification and stringent reference checks. All nannies are evaluated by one of our consultants who's main focus is on putting your family first.

General Overseas Advice:

- Always be honest with us and any potential employers regarding your level of fluency in languages when applying for placements.
- We also advise that you have at least 2 years left on your passport as overseas placements will often involve travelling with the family to other international destinations.
- Do some research before you go, find out information about your new work location.

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