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A Nanny-Housekeeper is an very responsible childcare role, not only are you expected to be able to take sole charge of the children and certain times, including all tasks relating to the children’s well-being. You are also being relied on by the whole family expecting you to carry out general housework outside of the children's domain.

While offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, a job with benefits can be attractive to candidates. Although as a candidate you may not expect or desire benefits, we suggest that it should be discussed directly between families and candidates.
This type of help is excellent for parents who are partially at home or prefer to have some one extremely flexible in their employ. Sometime you may start as a nanny but as the needs of the family changes over time, with children starting nursery or school, the role could evolve into more housekeeping, cooking, shopping during the day, and nannying in the afternoon.

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An evolving central role:

Because of this flexibility, Nanny-Housekeepers tend to stay with their employer for many years and become very much a part of the family.

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