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Some private nannies with computer, office experience, or extremely good organisational skills are also able to help their employer as a nanny / personal assistant.  A varied role that will depend on the specific employer.  In addition to your standard nanny duties, a nanny / PA will take on extra responsibilities to help support the parents and will, at times not be caring for the children.

Your employer may be a CEO working from home, a high profile individual in a busy family or part of a large family and find this service to be of great support, some parents who run a business from home may incorporate some further administration duties into the role.

The PA duties are generally to manage the professional and social requirements of the parent(s) (the employer). This is usually a very rewarding role for many nannies who are able to use the full variety of their skills to not only support the children, but also to manage the day to day admin duties of the home.

While offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, a job with benefits can be attractive to candidates. Although as a candidate you may not expect or desire benefits, we suggest that it should be discussed directly between families and candidates.
In this role as well as your clearly defined nanny duties you may be asked to assist with various vital household admin essentials, for things like a home businesses, or paying bills, help with organising social engagements or helping with organising outside contractors and staffing rota's alike. Nanny PA positions require an extremely versatile individual who is happy to take the responsibility of organising things unrelated to childcare as part of their daily role.

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