We try to answer the most popular question on the frequently asked questions page. If you do not find the answer to the question you have then please contact us by email have one of our consultants or the web answer it for you - info@nichenannies.co.uk


A: Yes, we will take the headache out of finding live in or live out Nanny, Head Nanny or Governess for your family and little ones. We also place House Managers / House Keepers mainly in overseas placements. Simply go to our parents registration form, alternatively you can use our contact form, message us using social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or simply email your enquiry to us at info@nichenannies.co.uk
A: Yes, Mannies are becoming more popular lately, we will take the headache out of finding a Manny for your family. Simply go to our client registration form, alternatively you can use our contact form, message us using social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or simply email your enquiry to us at ourfamily@nichenannies.co.uk
A: If you are looking for a little help after the recent birth of a child or looking for the complete support a doula can provide, we can help supply a skilled maternity nurse or doula. These are caring, experienced individuals who will help to aid your recuperation, setting up routines for you and baby, making it easier for you handle being a new parent or an expanding family.

A: Sole Charge - A sole charge Nanny is a Nanny who is responsible for looking after the children on her own, while the parent(s) are out of the family home or place of work or absent for other reasons. A sole charge Nanny should only be responsible for duties relating to the children.

A: Shared Charge - A shared charge Nanny is a Nanny who often works along side the mother but in the role of a Nanny, so is only responsible for nursery duties. A shared charge Nanny is usually employed when the children are very young and particularly babies in the family or when the parent(s) work from home.

A: Split Charge - A split charge Nanny is employed when there are either a number of children or a large age range between the children. This title would normally mean that the Mother is dealing with one group while the Nanny is dealing with the other. For example, if there are 5 children in a family aged between 1 years and 11 years, the 11 year old will not want to be doing what the 1 year old enjoys and visa versa, hence the need for either multiple Nannies or a Nanny and a Mother to go in different directions! A split charge Nanny is normally in sole charge of some of the children and again should only be responsible for nursery duties.

We currently do not offer a babysitting service to the general public. We will however endeavour to supply suitable temporary babysitting cover for any family who is currently registered with us in the United Kingdom. Please note that we do require atleast a 72 hours notice period and that this service for registered parents will always be subject to availability as we are not a babysitting agency.
A: As a Nanny, Governess, Maternity Nurse, Doula, Educator we will require at least 3 Years to 4 Years relevant and verifiable work history with your experience preferably being in the UK, you will also need to supply original copies of all training and qualification certificates before being considered to join our agency as potential candidate.
A: You will need to have very good references as we will ask you for at least 3 previous employers references. You will also need give us a copy of your original passport and driving licence, where required we may require a copy of your visa and work permit. Please note that we will also require copies of all information supplied by you as required at your first interview. You should bring originals of any qualifications, certificates, passport and identity information. We may take or request a photo of you at the interview and suggest it is often helpful to have photo as part of your CV.

A: You do not currently need a work permit if you are from any of the 28 countries inside the EU. This may change in the future as the UK have voted to leave the European Union. However, you will require a work permit if you are from anywhere outside the EU. New members of the Euro Zone may have work restrictions placed on them, if you are from one of these countries we do not assist with the acquisition of work permits.

In the middle east a work or residency visa is required by all childcarers, this is usually organised by your employer once you have been accepted as an employee.

A:Yes, it is our policy to make sure all candidates working in the UK and on our books, have a recent Enhanced DBS check (which used to be called CRB Check). Please note that in the event that your DBS check is more than 90 days old that a upto date check may still be required by us or an employer.

A:Yes, we can help provide all families with a temporary nanny or travel nanny at relativley short notice. We would advise to register with us and inform us of your requirements at least 6 weeks before your date of travel. This enables us to find candidates within our extensive network who are available for your travel period.

Please note that all travel nannies are required to be paid hourly for each 24 hour period that they are travelling with you.

A: DBS Checks (previously CRB checks) stands for Disclosure Barring Service check. We actively encourage all childcare staff on our books to obtain an Enhanced DBS check. If you are applying for a nanny, maternity nurse, mothers help, housekeeper or babysitter position the client may request that a DBS check is not required. It is however the law in the United kingdom that all adults working with children or vunerable adults have an up to date DBS check. If you do not have a current DBS check you will be required to apply for one. This will normally be carried out by your employer.

The Standard Disclosure DBS Check : Available to anyone involved in working with children or at risk adults, as well as a number other occupations and entry into professions as mentioned in the Exceptions Order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act of 1974. The Standard Disclosure shows existing and previous convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings that are currently held on the National Police Computer. If the position involves working with children or at risk adults, the subsequent list may be searched also: Protection of Children Act List Protection of Vulnerable Adults List Information that is held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002

The Enhanced Disclosure DBS Check: This is the highest level of check available to anyone involved in regularly caring for, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults. It is also available in certain licensing purposes and judicial appointments. Enhanced Disclosures contain the same information as the Standard Disclosure but with the addition of any relevant and proportionate information held by the local police forces.

A: Niche Nannies at the beginning of the process will require the payment of a one off registration fee of £75.00. It is payable in advance of any candidates being filtered or any information being supplied to you as the client. This fee applies to all parent registrations in the UK and overseas, it is, however, automatically deductable from the full placement fee once a placement has been made with Niche Nannies. Please refer to our terms and conditions.


A full break down of all our charges and fees can be obtained by contacting us and our terms of business is freely downloadable from our website. In relation to Uk nanny placements we charge a fee equal to 17.5% of the employees annual salary. For all overseas placements whether in Europe or the Middle East we charge a fee equal to 23% of the overseas employees annual salary.

We accept payment by direct bank transfer which is our preferred method. You can pay all fees by making a direct transfer into our account nationally or internationally using internet banking or telephone banking. All payment should be made payable to ' Niche Nannies ', we bank with Lloyds Bank, London. We also accept bacs, cash (+3.5% on any transaction), and Paypal (+ 4% on any transaction). Please note, we do not accept cheques, debit or credit card.


We do reserve the right to refuse applications if it is deemed that potential candidates or potential employers are clearly unsuitable for what ever reason by our agency. We also reserve the right to refuse candidates applications in the event that our books are over subscribed with people looking for similar job roles. At Niche Nannies we focus on quality and not quantity.

Please be assured that we will never discriminate against any qualified and experienced candidates and activley support all anti discrimination laws in the UK. This would of course in no way stop you from applying with other childcare agencies.

A: Nannies are increasingly aware of their rights as employees and at Niche Nannies we actively want all employers to take care of their nanny's PAYE responsibly. It is not the Nannies responsibility to pay tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC). It is the employer's responsibility to pay the Candidate's tax and NIC including employer's NIC. More information can be found at HMRC website or by using nanny payroll providers such as nannytax or way2paye. If you need assistance we can recommend a nanny payroll provider for families, a link to our recommended web sites can be found on the information panel.

A: All employess in the UK are entitled and should be enrolled into a pension scheme. Whilst working overseas however there may not be provision of a pension.


NNEB Diploma
An NNEB diploma in nursery nursing normally requires a full time 2-year course covering the key range 0-7. It is the most widely recognised qualification and gives student's actual practical experience as well as the academic side covering the physical, social, educational, intellectual and emotional needs of the different ages. The course also covers essentials such as health and safety, hygiene, play, first aid.

(The Council for Awards in Childcare and Education), have recently taken over the conduct of this diploma and now also award a one-year certificate in Childcare and Education. What the course involves: 14 different modules covering both theory and practical areas of childcare.

GNVQ courses are seen as vocational alternative to A levels. They are administered by City and Guilds and are aimed to cover Childcare and related studies. GNVQ Levels 2, 3 & 4 can take up to two years to complete and are competence based. Students are given hands on experience and subject to assessment in the workplace. What the course involves:
Level 2: assessed in a range of competencies dealing with children's physical, emotional and social development.
Level 3: assessed across 15 units including ability to work and care for children without supervision and management and support for parents and family.
Level 4: assessed for the ability to run and develop a play area and supervise other staff.

ADCE (Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education). This is an advanced course open only to experienced Child carers. What the course involves: Advanced course work dealing with special educational needs and with appraisal and training methods of childcare and education.

A BTEC National Diploma in Child Studies (Nursery Nursing) indicates the holder studied for a full time course of a higher level than the NNEB diploma. The course places more emphasis on the academic work and includes modules for those interested in teaching, nursing, social work and childcare. This BTEC diploma is a full time two-year course.

The NAMWC Certificate (National Association of Maternal and Child Welfare) is aimed at 16-18 year olds and covers children from 0-Teenagers, whilst an advanced certificate is aimed at more mature students such as Child minders who wish to study for a Professional Qualification.

The Montessori Method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children. Dr. Montessori’s Method has been time tested, with over 100 years of success in diverse cultures throughout the world.

Drawing upon her scientific background and clinical understanding, Dr. Montessori observed how young people learn best when engaged in purposeful activity rather than simply being fed information. She recognized that children's cognitive growth and development requires the construction of an educational framework that respects individuality and fulfills the needs of the “whole child.” This in turn then creates a desire for learning which will continue throughout their life.

Private Colleges offering specialist training include the Norland College , The Princess Christian College and The Chiltern Nanny Training College. Courses are 2 years and are generally followed by a probationary period of 6-9 months. A wide range of subjects are studied and students are awarded the NNEB and Health Diploma.

A: Yes we place nannies in the UK, EU Zone countries, and the Middle East.

A: We do normally require that all candidates are available for interview at our offices. This is so we are able to begin conducting our vetting and verification processes and personally verify your identity.

We regret that at this time we are unable to add new candidates to our books who are unable to meet us in person**.

The only exception to this rule is where one of our current canidates or clients is able to provide a personal reference for a potential childcarer candidate that have previously worked with or employed.

** Occasionally potential employers may request candidates that have not met us in person, and although these candidates might not be on our website, we may at our discretion provide details to a potential employer of registered candidates who we have all been interviewed on site or remotely. Please note that all candidates must pass our vetting process.

A: Yes, we have a selection of professional and experienced candidates, some are looking for jobs abroad including postitons in the middle east, primarliy in Abu Dhabi or Dubai in the UAE. If you are in another Emirate in the United Arab Emirates then please get in touch.

Please note: we do not supply maids, chefs, drivers or ground staff in the middle east.

Finding someone perfectly suited.

If you find a nanny on our site that you wish to be introduced to, you can send us a message from her profile page by clicking on their 'contact us about' tab, email or call us.

It is always essential to give us some details, initially these should include; an outline of duties, where and when the position is available, salary offered, special requirements etc. We will then contact you to further discuss your needs at which point you may ask any more questions you have, don't forget your question may already be answered on this page. However feel free to contact us with any questions you might have - info@nichenannies.co.uk

At Niche Nannies we realise this maybe your first time seeking child care for your family and we aim to make this process as seamless as possible for you, from first contact and candidate selection to interviewing and choosing a Niche Nanny.