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Nanny Jobs in Abu Dhabi – ‘Mary Poppins’ required, perhaps!!!

Niche Nannies Nanny Agency ServiceHave you ever thought about nanny jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other parts of the UAE?  In 2016, we were delighted to be approached by Anasy Media, the makers of the documentary ‘Nanny Culture’. They requested our founders participation as an executive consultant for this ‘Mary Poppins’ inspired project, Silvie even managing to land a co starring role, demonstrating her star like acting abilities ;-).  “Nanny Culture”, is an unusual style of documentary with some elements of mockumentary filming.  A concept idea of HRH Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, and the British director Paul James Driscoll.  Due for general release in the second half of 2017, you can view the trailer for this award winning documentary and read some more about the project.  See the official trailer right here – or go to the Anasy Media Youtube channel.

Nanny Culture is about Nanny Jobs In Abu Dhabi
‘Mary Poppins’, perhaps, but with a very different kind of musical track!

Nanny Jobs in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

The Niche Nannies team have had time to undertake some seriously in depth research regarding what it actually takes to work as a nanny, maternity nurse and governess in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in the middle east.  The documentary will help to open your eyes to some of the realities of working in a brand new culture in a different part of the world.  We have no doubt it will really surprise you!

Could working abroad be for you?

Well, apart from being totally confident in yourself as a child carer and your professionalism, you may find that you need to be something of a diplomat, demonstrate patience and understanding, be willing to learn how to approach things slightly differently, while working within a new and  unfamiliar culture.  Fortunately ‘Nanny Culture’ answers many of these questions in a factually humorous and relaxed way.  You can find out more information about the film by going to the Nanny Culture Official Website –

The documentary, partly mockumentary, presents an amusing look into a high profile United Arab Emirates household in Abu Dhabi and the beautiful mishaps that arise along the whirly road towards social harmony.  Together we follow British nanny ‘Julie’ from the UK to Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she will be employed by an modern Emirati family, in ‘Nanny Culture’ , the dunes will be alive with songs of Arabia.

Nanny Culture - Explore Nanny Jobs In Abu Dhabi
‘Nanny Culture’ The Documentary – Are you open to exploring Nanny Jobs In Abu Dhabi?
If you are thinking of the possibility of nanny jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or Al Ain in the UAE – Here is some general advice and useful tips for nannies, maternity nurses and governesses.

The first piece of advice if you are considering nanny jobs in Abu Dhabi is to watch this documentary.  It is guaranteed to give you some unexpected insights in to the country, the people, the weather, the traditions and of course most importantly what to expect in the job.

Nanny Jobs In Abu Dhabi
Nanny Culture The Movie

Try and talk to nannies who are working there or have worked there in the past.  Social media can also help you connect with people as there are many face book groups for expats from the UK and other countries in Europe, many run social clubs that regularly meet in and around the city.  If you have ever considering working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other parts of the UAE, what is holding you back?  You will see, they can be really good places to work in, you can expect better pay, and an interesting environment with many things to do on your days off.  There is a large expat community with people from all over the world including the UK, Europe and USA.

You will soon realise how safe the UAE feels, and relish the opportunity you have to broaden your horizons, possibly even learn a new language, all while having fun and exploring your new work location with warm and friendly locals.