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At Niche Nannies we believe that the successful candidate will demonstrate reliability and competence in all childcare responsibilities. Read the nanny interview tips below for a brief and general guide on how to be fully prepared for a fantastic interview. You will find information on the type questions you can expect and would be expected to answer. Remember that they are just to help get you in the right frame of mind.  Our Nanny Interview tips are aimed at interviews in the UK or where you are located within a reasonable distance of your potential employer.  Are you considering working in another country?  Please see Overseas Nanny Interview Tips if you may be heading abroad for your nanny job interview.

Nanny Interview Tips (UK)

Print out a copy of your CV and bring this with you along with originals or copies of any certification and qualifications you have achieved that are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

If you are registered with a nanny agency such as Niche Nannies Nanny Agency, you will more than likely have already supplied your career documents, certificates, qualifications and identity documents to them. So it is probable that an potential employer already has these items from the agent, it is however always good to demonstrate that you are a very organised and well prepared individual, just in case the parents do not have all of your items given to them immediately to hand.  We also advise that you be prepared to leave the hard copies of your information for your potential employer to read and review.

Make sure that you arrive at your interview address 10 to 15 minutes prior to the arranged time.  It is very important to be punctual and well presented as the family will gain their first impression of you and you of course want it to be a good first impression.

A few questions you should prepare for:

1) Tell us what you enjoy about being a nanny?

2) Tell us what qualities you think are most important for a nanny and why?

3) Do you have any philosophies regarding discipline?

4) What hobbies do you have?

5) Tell us about some activities that you enjoy with children?

6) Tell us about how you would plan and manage a normal day?

7) What do you think are the most important areas of development for each child during
the following year?

8) Nutritious meals are important, tell us how you would plan children’s meals and what
would you prepare.

9) How would you react in the event of an emergency involving a child (e.g. injured, burnt,

10) Why did you leave your previous position?

11) What are the most important aspects in the relationship between a nanny and the

What Questions Should You Ask

It should not be unexpected that you will be asked whether you have any questions, so be prepared to ask relevant question yourself.  Write a list, think about obvious questions unless of course you feel they have all been answered during the course of your conversation with the parents.

Questions asked could be; What is expected of me, what are my working hours during term time, can you tell me more about the accommodation, what are my daily duties be, how do want me to deal with, homework, discipline, lunch for the children?  The questions you would ask will vary, but asking them is important and will show you are interested in learning more information about the specific role, that may not have come across in the initial job description.

These Nanny interview tips will help you leave a good impression, and as your interview comes to an end do not forget to thank them for their time and politely ask as to when a decision is likely to be made regarding the candidate they decide to employ. Whew! That’s it for now! Go and get that job! Wishing you all Good Luck!

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