Month: May 2017

Parents Support

Nanny or Governess, What’s the difference?

Nanny or Governess, What’s the difference? Nanny or Governess?  As a parent you may be thinking about the differences between having some one caring for your children who’s main responsibility and primary objective is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your children or some one who will be geared more towards working with […]

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Nanny Support

Nanny Interview Tips (UK)

Niche Nannies – Nanny Interview Tips At Niche Nannies we believe that the successful candidate will demonstrate reliability and competence in all childcare responsibilities. Read the nanny interview tips below for a brief and general guide on how to be fully prepared for a fantastic interview. You will find information on the type questions you […]

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Media and Press

Nanny Jobs in Abu Dhabi – ‘Mary Poppins’ required, perhaps!!!

Have you ever thought about nanny jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or other parts of the UAE?  In 2016, we were delighted to be approached by Anasy Media, the makers of the documentary ‘Nanny Culture’. They requested our founders participation as an executive consultant for this ‘Mary Poppins’ inspired project, Silvie even managing to land […]

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