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Learn about My Freedom Day

my freedom day – It’s often hidden from sight, but modern slavery is a global problem. Among its many victims are at least 10 million children.

But young people also make passionate and committed activists when it comes to fighting human trafficking.  March 14th is my freedom day – – a day long, student-driven event to raise awareness of modern slavery.
To mark the day, students the world over are organizing events at their schools to highlight modern slavery and celebrate freedom.
My Freedom Day
Niche Nannies Nanny Agency supports the raising of awareness into this very important issue.  CNN is featuring a selection of the schools on, CNN Facebook, and a few schools will even receiving a visit from a CNN correspondent, who will report live from the school.
If you’re doing something to raise awareness of modern slavery, let them know your plans by telling them on Twitter or Instagram, using #MyFreedomDay. (You must be aged 13 or older to post on social media).
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The source of this blog post is CNN – Cable News Network.
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